Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The aging process, sunlight, smoking, environmental pollution and even excessive frowning or smiling damage the skin inevitably resulting in lines and wrinkles.

As we age the skin becomes stiffer and less elastic and when exposed to repetitive movement of the underlying muscles, wrinkles start to appear. These effects are most noticeable around the forehead, eyes and lips. Sun exposure accentuates this process and it is noticed at younger ages in patients with lighter skin types. The following changes are visible in the aging face:

1. Superficial skin changes:- textural change, discolouration, pigment abnormalities, red blemishes, very fine lines.

2. Superficial wrinkles:- appearing only during the movement of underlying muscles.

3. Deeper wrinkles:- present when the underlying muscles are relaxed and caused by the continual folding and creasing of the skin.

4. Sagging of skin:- caused by loss of deeper fat cushions and boney changes.

No single procedure can correct all of the above changes, but a combination approach can often significantly reduce many of the unwanted signs of aging.

Enhance Banbury offer an extensive range of anti-aging solutions so we can truly recommend the treatment that is best suited to you. Whichever procedure we advise, you can be assured that we are not recommending it because it is all we have to offer but because it is the best choice for you.

Enhance Banbury offer an extensive range of anti-ageing solutions tailored specifically to your individual needs. The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles often involves a systematic approach combining procedures to ensure optimal results that significantly and often dramatically reduce the unwanted signs of aging.


Treatment Price
Full face £275
Full Face and Neck £385
Around Eyes & Mouth £200